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Corban by Zaliviel Corban by Zaliviel



        ► N A M E
       Corban Widow      

        ► N I C K N A M E S

        Corb, Orb, Widow 

        ► A G E
        29 years old

        ► G E N D E R / S E X
        Male / Male

        ► H E I G H T
         6' 5 ; 198.21 cm     

        ► S PE C I E S
        Cobalt Blue Tarantula
        ► O R I E N T A T I O N

         R E L A T I O N S H I P   S T A T U S


       ► B I R T H D A Y
       May 13th


        ► P E R S O N A L I T Y
        Stoic || Silent || Serious || Stubborn || Understanding || Obediant || Apathetic || Protective

             I will explain all these one day today is not that day :3c

       ► H I S T O R Y
     Many rumors have come when it comes to Corban, some say he is a serial killer. Some say he is looking for a long lost love. Some say he was supposed to get married and his fiance was murdered and he's out for vengeance. Some say that's he actually gay and his fiance was a man. Wondering if any of these rumors are true.. well that's the real question.

       L I K E S

  • Being that bug on the wall (THOUGH HE'S A BIG BUG SO IT DOESN'T REALLY WORK)
  • Speaking in a different language around people that don't understand it
  • Making those people believe he doesn't understand what he's saying
  • The smell of a forest
  • Morning runs
  • Breaking in to places
  • Holding Freya
  • Being obediant to Freya and following orders
  • Intimidating people
  • Torturous spells
  • Fire (Kind of a pyromaniac)
  • SweetsS
  • Bunnys
  • Playing acoustic guitar

    ► D I S L I K E S

  • Dogs, Cats, Snakes (Pretty much anything that is known to eat spiders)
  • Being busted
  • Being drugged
  • The winter (He's bad with the cold temperature)
  • Children
  • Freya being upset in any way
  • chick flicks 

                                                 ► R E L A T I O N S H I P S


    Bullet; BlackHate|Bullet; WhiteDislike|Bullet; YellowNeutral|Bullet; GreenEnvious|Bullet; BlueFriends|Bullet; PurpleBest Friends|Bullet; PinkRomantic Interest|Bullet; RedLove|Bullet; OrangeFamily

                   Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Red [:icontenvis:] Freya | Witch, Companion, Partner | Lover | "I follow in the shadows of her footsteps till the day I step into my grave." 

             ► A D D I T I O N A L  I N F O

  • He is a secret cuddler 
  • Core does have a carpet that matches the drapes
  • All of Corban's markings appeared through rituals and weren't tattooed
  • Corban was born in Myanmar
  • Though he rarely speaks, when he does you can hear his Burmese accent
  • Corban speaks Burmese, Thai, English and Hindi
  • His stretched ears are his only body modification
  • When in his spider form, Corban is often found somewhere on Freya or hiding
  • Was a familiar to former witches but never speaks of it
  • Is pretty god damn rich
  • Corban is super sensitive to sunlight

             ► R O L E P L A Y  
             • Preference: I do prefer to rp in Skype since you don't have to log the rps and you can just instantly reply. 
If you don't have me in Skype and would like to rp with me then: Dehteddehbearx3
            • Style: I literally RP every single way you can, I am not picky at all (Except one-liners..they urk me) I also LOVE sharing headcanons, cute ones, they get me so hyped
           • What am I willing to RP: I usually am the fluff master when it comes to rp, I do like angst and fighting and sMUT SON. So I'm great with anything except STARTING rps, that is a nono for me sorry.         

            • Timezone:  UTC-4 (Will change to UTC-5 in December)

Corban & Art belongs to :iconzaliviel:
(Photo refs WERE used to make this picture)
Tenvis Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015
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Jensen/Dean Dance ~ Free to use! 
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