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        ► N A M E
        Gregorie "Greg"

        ► A G E
        33 years old

        ► G E N D E R / S E X
        Male / Male

        ► H E I G H T
         6' 5" ; 198 cm

        ► W E I G H T
241 lbs ; 109.31 kg
        ► O R I E N T A T I O N

        ► P O K E M O N
      Giratina  Black-White Sprite by Midnight-Zaffer

► N A T U R E

       ► M O V E S E T
       :iconpsychictypeplz: Rest
       :iconnormaltypeplz: Sleep Talk
       :iconfiretypeplz: Will-O-Wisp
       :icondragontypeplz: Dragon Tail

► J O B 

        • Loyal assassin to YokaiWith assigned missions he will slaughter those that are a threat, in the way, or a betrayal to the gang.

       ► P A R T N E R 
       Proudly Married

        ► P E R S O N A L I T Y
        Quiet || Rageful || Strict || Distant || Protective || Introvert || Apathetic || Loyal

             When first introduced to Gregorie you will notice that he is quiet, he will not speak to you unless he is spoken to or was asked a question. He does not care for social interaction unless it's business talk. Throughout the years he holds nothing but rage and murderous intent, more than likely he will reply to you in an angry or snarky tone. Greg is also very strict when it comes to family's safety, he will not tolerate foolish or careless behavior from them, he doesn't care about anyone else but them.

Being quiet, he is also distant, as he prefers to be by himself then be surrounded by imbecils. Just completely ridiculous of an idea. For his rare but actual loved ones he is protective but when it comes to strangers or acquaintances he is introverted and highly apathetic to their situation or their safety.

After all the time past, and his loss of the brothel. But being committed to marriage, Greg changed from his lustful reputation and is now extremely loyal and will ignore all flirting and offers.

       ► H I S T O R Y
Honestly his history really is just blood and death and killing it's really too much LOL so I think if someone really wants to know maybe Ill explain but otherwise nah.

                 ► A D D I T I O N A L  I N F O

              Birthday - nobody will ever know.
             • Voice - Kazuya Nakai:…
             • He is very touchy with bodily contact unless it is violent, usually he won't put effort in a fight and doesn't need to put contact in hurting you.
             • He is usually found in the main office of the largest brothel. He's a psychopath though so don't talk to him LOL.
IgnisPectus Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ehhhhh yes show off all that amazing ocs you have with them well done profiles 
i mean my heart can totally take that ..... NOT :iconrunrolanrunplz: q v q 
gosh his design is so amazing and i totally could figure out without any problem which
Pokemon he was. Bloody amazing bby <3 //cries intense
Zaliviel Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah thank you so much, he is at present time my craziest character LOL.
But one I have a lot of fun and ease rping ironically but really thank you I'm glad it's clear on what pokemon he is 
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