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Ashe and Miliani by Zaliviel Ashe and Miliani by Zaliviel
My very first successful Oc! Ashe the chinchilla..
He was only 19 when I first made him ahh he's grown and he's married and he's a daddyy and his kids are two years old now.

I'm still so proud of him.. we've come a long way. I just wanted to love on him properly after all this time. 




        ► N A M E
        Ashe Hadrian      

        ► N I C K N A M E S


        ► A G E
        23 years old,

        ► G E N D E R / S E X
        Male / Male

        ► H E I G H T
         6' 1" ; 186 cm      

        ► W E I G H T
        215 lbs ; 98 kg
        ► O R I E N T A T I O N


        ► F A M I L Y

        Auri 23 - The love of Ashe's life, she's his whole world and he'll love her till the end of time.

        Miliani 2 - His precious daughter, she's spunky and adventerous and reminds him of when he was a kid.

        Oliver 2 - His beloved son, quiet and loves to read he's so smart and makes Ashe proud.

        Maria 21 - Ashe's baby sister (so he calls her), his only relative not from marriage. He's very protective of her and will do all he needs to keep her safe and happy.

        Migale 20 - Ashe's best mate, he could trust Gale on anything and everything.

        Kieth 47 - Met through Auri, he became a father figure to the both of them and like Maria, is family not by blood. 

       ► B I R T H D A Y
       October 13th

       ► S T A R  S I G N

        ► R E L A T I O N S H I P  S T A T U S 

        Happily Married

         ► J O B  

        Drives a delivery truck for a local but popular cafe (Kieth is the owner)

         ► P A R T N E R 
         Auri, his wonderful wife.

        ► P E R S O N A L I T Y
        Friendly || Loyal || Stubborn || Loving || Energetic || Outrovert || Patient || Sympathetic

             When first introduced to Ashe you will notice that he is very friendly, he smiles and brings up fun conversations and greets everyone with open arms. He used to be very flirtatious with the ladies, but ever since he first met his wife he has become very loyal and will never do anything his love is uncomfortable with, when it comes to friends she'll back them up immediately no matter the scenario or how big and scary the enemy is. Though when it comes to his safety and opinions, Ashe is very stubborn..he's accident-prone and oftens gets in trouble but he makes through as much as he can. But always, Ashe is loving.. he loves all his friends and family. If you asked them to describe him that is what they would say. Since he was a little child, he was always energetic, he could go for days without sleep running around and talking and won't break a sweat.  (It's an exaggeration but you know what I mean) This also saves the day for Auri because he can handle the twins when she needs a break.

Bundling all that up it's safe to assume that Ashe is an outrovert, being in crowds or in public and meeting new people is great for him and a pleasure. Having to raise his baby sister when he was young, Ashe grew the virtue of patience. It shows well when it comes to his kids, he loves them and handles their crying or hissy fits fluently just loving them always. Even when he has to be stern.

This also shows he's sympathetic when it comes to other people, even if he can't understand their situation or if he doesn't agree with their behavior to their problems. He still tries his best.

       ► H I S T O R Y
     [Descri from 2013 noob me because I am lazy and hate typing histories LOL SORRY IF ITS CONFUSING]    
     Ashe was a street rat since he was six years old, his parents seemed to no longer have interest in him so they left him in a box in an alleyway. Though his years before that weren't any easier, easily being abused and surrounded by fighting and drugs and just horrible people it seemed being dumped and away from them was a better lifestyle for him. No one came to his rescue, of course reality had to take it's course and Ashe would begin either begging or stealing from the people that would pass by him, he would take food from food stands when their owners were distracted. He became good at it too, but he was still miserable. 

Living in a cardboard box and having to take things away from kind people was just not what he wanted to do..ever. One day, he was walking through an alleyway when he heard crying. There he found his best friend and partner in everything, Maria, she is a spicy spanish ferret that can be stubborn as fuck or the sweetest thing ever. She was curled up tight in a box that was barely an excuse of protection for anything, Ashe obviously took her in and stole twice as much so they both could stay alive. Not until he turned sixteen and was capable of a job did he stay that way of stealing. He got himself and Maria into a run down room, but it seemed like a dream to them. 

It wasn't till three years later that he found upon the kingdom of Paitonk. Perhaps, they could have an even better life from what they used to be. 

       L I K E S

  • Auri
  • His little babIES
  • Snuggling
  • Being praised
  • Spicy food
  • Tomatoes
  • Aerobatics
  • Acrobatics 
  • Cute things
  • Spoiling his kids
  • Tattoos and piercings

    ► D I S L I K E S

  • Stealing
  • Lying
  • Winter
  • Seeing anybody cry
  • Being pitied or felt sorry for
  • Being hated by anybody

                                                 ► R E L A T I O N S H I P S


    Bullet; BlackHate|Bullet; WhiteDislike|Bullet; YellowNeutral|Bullet; GreenEnvious|Bullet; BlueFriends|Bullet; PurpleBest Friends|Bullet; PinkRomantic Interest|Bullet; RedLove|Bullet; OrangeFamily

                   Bullet; OrangeBullet; PinkBullet; Red:icondaine-hime: ] Auri | His life, his world, she's everything  
                   Bullet; OrangeBullet; RedBullet; Red:iconstuffedursidae: & :icondaine-hime: ] Oliver & Miliani | His pride and joy, they are the greatest gift ever brought to him in his life.
                   Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Red:iconstuffedursidae: ] Maria| Even if they aren't truly related, she is his family and always will be. 
                   Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Purple:iconshadow-shinigami: ] Migale| His best and only really guy friend (Besides Vince) he completely trusts him.
                   Bullet; BlueBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange:icondaine-hime: ] Vince| Auri's older brother, they got along neutrally but as he was approved by him to be with Auri they've grown to really be a family.
                   Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange[ :icondaine-hime: ] Kieth| His boss, and also his father figure, he is his family and Ashe is proud to call him his dad. He truly became blessed when he met Auri.

             ► A D D I T I O N A L  I N F O

  • Has a flag of greece on the back of his neck, both sleeves and upper back tattooed. His wife and kids' names are tattooed on his right forearm.
  • Snake bites and ears are pierced, others were taken out to look more parent appropriate
  • He used to be a professional acrobat, but now he just goes to the gym to keep in shape.
  • He's bilingual, he's most fluent in: French, Spanish, English, and Greek
  • He used to be very mistrusting, but he's grown from it and is more open
  • Most of his scars are from his almost lethal accident when he worked as a construction worker, he was in a brief coma and suffered amnesia for a while almost forgetting everything but slowly regained his memories
  • His one big scar over his right eye was caused from a violent car accident
  • Besides the wedding, the birth of his kids was the best day of his life

       Ashe and Miliani belongs to Auri :iconstuffedursidae: and :icondaine-hime:
       Art belongs to :iconstuffedursidae:

        A photo ref was used for this picture
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